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What Does Camp "Fimfo" Mean?

Camp Fimfo is a new camping experience rooted in nostalgia with a focus on all things fun. By combining local charm, a bit of whimsy, and lots of fun, we give campers a vacation that looks and feels different. Our locations feature resort-like amenities, thrilling outdoor adventures, and premium accommodations to provide a truly exceptional reason to go outside.

A flag that says "Outside Is Fun" at Camp Fimfo


Here at Camp Fimfo, we like to have a seriously fun time. Hold the serious. We believe outside should be fun for everyone, the young ones and the young once. 
    F - Fun
I - Is
       M - More
    F - Fun
           O - Outside

The Camp Fimfo song printed on wall decor

Fimfo Song

Yep, that's right. Camp Fimfo has it's very own song! Sing along to the Camp Fimfo song here, because no camping trip is complete without a song around the campfire... right?


"If you're looking for some fresh air, 
you won't have to look far. 
Campfires and nature walks, 
Camp Fimfo's where we are!
Ooooh... come spend some time outside today,
sit back and enjoy the simpler way.
It's time for fun, Outside Awaits!
We're taking camping back, hooray! 
Camp Fimfo, let's Go!
F...I..MFO — FIMFO!"

If you're feeling wild, show off your best moves while dancing to the Camp Fimfo Song and post it to TikTok or Instagram. Don't forget to tag @campfimfo so we can see your sweet moves, of course! We may even feature on our social channels!

Squirrely, the founder of Camp Fimfo, holding a "Get Outside" sign at Camp Fimfo

Get Outside

If you're a lover of all things Fimfo, you already know this. But for the folks who are new here, we will share some big news. Literally, it's a big squirrel. Introducing Squirrely — the founder of Camp Fimfo! His goal in life? To help humans enjoy the Great Outside. Squirrely's favorite motto? GET OUTSIDE!

The entrance sign at Camp Fimfo Texas Hill Country


Camp Fimfo Waco

Camp Fimfo Waco is a unique retreat in the Heart of Texas. It's tucked along the Bosque River and is brimming with Waco charm. Choose from cabins, RV sites and tent sites and enjoy premium amenities that are included in the cost of your stay, like a resort-style pool, mini golf and a water playground. With unbeatable proximity to numerous must-see locations like Magnolia and Baylor, Camp Fimfo Waco serves as the perfect homebase for Waco exploration.

Camp Fimfo Texas Hill Country

Nestled along the Guadalupe River, Camp Fimfo Texas Hill Country is located in New Braunfels, TX and has a number of great camping and glamping accommodations, local eats and seriously fun amenities. This Camp Fimfo location also features The Cliff Carver, the first and only alpine coaster in Texas.


We hope you've already had the chance to experience our camping resorts in Texas, but if you haven't — what are you waiting for? Get Outside and get to Camp Fimfo. Choose from Camp Fimfo Waco, a unique retreat in the Heart of Texas and 5 miles from downtown Waco or Camp Fimfo Texas Hill Country, a Texas-sized retreat on the Guadalupe River. Each have their own personalities and reasons to fall in love with the Great Outside, because after all, that's what it's all about at Camp Fimfo. Happy camping!